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Winnebago Man

WINNEBAGO MAN2009 Director: Ben Steinbauer Jack Rebney has been called “The Angriest RV Salesman in the World” and “Winnebago Man” ever since outtakes of a Winnebago industrial sales movie he filmed in 1989 went viral. It started as blurry VHS tapes that people copied and passed around to others, until the advent of You Tube […]

Feed the Fish

FEED THE FISH2009 Director: Michael MatzdorffScreenwriter: Michael MatzdorffStarring: Ross Partridge, Tony Shalhoub Joe Peterson (Ross Partridge), a “tough love” children’s’ book author who is suffering from writer’s block leaves his Venice, California home to vacation in Sturgeon Bay, WI with his girlfriend’s brother JP. (Michael Chernus) JP’s agenda is to train for and participate in […]