Five Nights in Maine

Five Nights in Maine is directed by Maris Curran and stars David Oyelowo, Dianne Wiest and Rosie Perez.  Sherwin (Oyelowo) has recently lost his wife in a car accident and after shutting himself away in a grief-filled cloud of booze, sleep and sobbing decides to visit his mother-in-law Lucinda (Wiest) in Maine to try to […]


Kedi is directed by Ceyda Torun and is a film about cats in Istanbul.  It turns out that there are hundreds of thousands of cats in Istanbul that are street cats; they’re not feral, but they’re not house cats either.  Instead they pretty much run free in the streets of the city, but many of […]

The Fits

The Fits is the narrative film debut of Anna Rose Holmer.  The Fits was a darling of the film festival circuit last year, and  I had actually heard about the film on NPR (natch) about a year ago.  I was intrigued, but I definitely wasn’t prepared for what I saw.  The Fits centers on Toni […]